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Everyday things like meat fibers, seeds, popcorn hulls and fruit peels can sometimes get stuck between your teeth or in the gum line. You are even more likely to have a foreign object stuck between your teeth if you have a bad habits of chewing on things like on pencils and pens.

You should never use toothpicks or sharp pointed tools to try to pry a foreign object lose. This could very easily injure your gums or even cause damage to the enamel of one of your teeth.

Waxed dental floss is often the most effective way to remove the object. The waxy coating allows it to slide easily between teeth and worked around the foreign object. Be careful when slipping the floss between your teeth or around the object. You should never force floss it into place, as it could very easily injure your gums.

A floss threader can also be worked above the object and worked into different positions. A dental fountain or oral water jet can also help to rinse the area free of debris.

If you still can’t easily remove the object you should call us at 850-309-0970 for advice or to schedule an appointment for fast resolution.